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Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation

Established by Jose and Kathleen Fernandez in 2006, the mission of The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation, Inc. is to provide people with the opportunity to help themselves through our charitable donations to eligible non-profit organizations.

The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation is committed to funding organizations that provide the support and the tools necessary, particularly through education, as a means for sustainable success.

Welcome to the Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation. Please scroll down to learn more about our grant application eligibility and general funding restrictions.

Our Grant Eligibility Requirements

Application & Grant Eligibility

All applicants must be IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charities classified as not a private foundation.
The priorities of The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation, Inc. include:

  • Educational institutions that support the underserved youth in a community.
  • Educational programs focused on increasing environmental awareness and working towards a more sustainable environment.
  • Contributing to the education and support of those requiring special attention and those with special needs in the community.
  • Environmental conservation and advocacy organizations.
  • Organizations supporting people who aspire to gain knowledge in their quest to create a sustainable life for themselves and their families.
  • Organizations providing opportunities for underserved members of our community, independent of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or creed.

Standard Funding Restrictions

Although multi-year grants are made in special cases, The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation, Inc.’s support should not be viewed as a continuing source of funds.

We receive many more requests than can be satisfied in any one fiscal year and we do not generally fund organizations in perpetuity.

The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation, Inc. does not fund: Social Events, Individuals, Political Campaigns or Causes, Sporting Events, Non-U.S. based organizations, Religious Institutions (we do consider grants to organizations that are affiliated with a religious organization, but provide a service in our areas of interest in a non-denominational context).

Grant Review Process

  1. Submit an inquiry or specific question to us via the contact form on this website.
  2. In order to be considered for a grant, the following information will be requested:
    • organization mission
    • project description with intended outcomes
    • community served and grant period
    • amount requested and use of funds
    • copy of 501(c)(3) I.R.S. letter of determination; and Charitable Solicitation Registration
    • name, title, and contact information of person submitting the grant request. There is no deadline for inquiries.
  3. After initial review of eligibility and merit, specific guidelines will be sent, detailing a deadline for full proposal submission.
  4. Upon deadline, a postcard will be sent to the applicant acknowledging receipt of proposal and requesting additional i information, as needed.
  5. Site visit will be set up.
  6. Complete proposals are presented to and reviewed by the Board four times a year.
  7. Applicants are informed by mail immediately following the Board’s decision.
  8. Applicants are informed via email or phone following the Board’s decision.
  9. No new proposals can be considered until all terms of Grant Agreement, narrative, and financial requirements are met.

Our Board of Directors

Jose L. Fernandez


Miami, FL
Ana F. Buraglia


Miami, FL
Kathleen Fernandez


Miami, FL
Joseph Fernandez


Cayucos, CA

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Pave the Way Foundation

The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation welcomes all of your inquiries. Interested in support from the Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation? Questions regarding our grant process or funding requirements? Just fill out the form below, or contact us directly at:

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